About Us

As the name suggests, Great Clean Home contains answers to millions of questions pertaining to home clean under the sun. These answers are taken from thousands of trustable source websites.

We are a small team of 5 people yet but are growing. Over the years we have found a problem that has remained unanswered. For example, on the fly, a question arises in your mind. E.g. “Does salt damage leather shoes?” Now from experience, we can say that it is human psychology that he wants the answer to his question quickly.

Contrary to that, upon searching you will find lengthy articles. You need to read whole articles first, in order to find the answer to your question. Many people don’t have time or don’t like to read full-fledged articles.

Opposed to that, we put the answers to these questions “in few lines” in front of user right away. For example, the answer to the above query is this:

Salt stains look bad, but, more importantly, if let goes, they will permanently damage shoes — particularly those made of leather. “It’ll eat the leather away and dry and crack it.”

Now as you can see, the above answer fully qualifies when checked for completeness. Now in addition to this if one wants to explore further detail about the topic, one can click the “read more” link placed at the end of every answer.

We are also focusing on further enhancing the quality & relevance and completeness of our answers.

Contrary to popular competitors like Yahoo Answers, Quora and other similar sites we are not a like those. Although in future we tend to include community involvement but our main point of inflexion is that we want to answer queries in brief, short paragraphs. Our typical answer must not take more than 1-3 minutes to read.

Time is short nowadays and people are looking for answers on the fly. We believe that it should be left upon user that either he wants to read a lengthy detailed in-depth answer or not. That’s why apart from a short brief relevant answer the user can follow the link next to any answer to read full detail about a given topic.

If you have a suggestion to make this even better or you want us to add something then please do share your thoughts with us via our contact us page.