Does oxalic acid remove wood stain?


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Oxalic acid has many uses, but it is widely used as a wood bleach because it removes stains without removing the natural color of the wood. It can be used on spots on furniture, like dark water marks, and it can be used to remove stains from larger areas of wood like floors and decks.

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Also to know is, does oxalic acid harm wood?

We have found in our testing that the use of concentrated oxalic acid, or even a small amount of residual oxalic acid left on the wood, can seriously affect the adhesion properties of water-based finish systems. Like chlorine bleach, oxalic acid is subject to being easily misused.

Similarly, how do I remove stain from wood?

Hereof, is oxalic acid a bleach?

One of the most useful products in wood finishing that doesn’t get a lot of attention is oxalic acid, often labeled wood bleach. It’s useful for removing black water stains without changing the color of the wood.

Can you mix oxalic acid with vinegar?

can oxalic acid and vinegar be combined without losing any strength or canceling each other out.

What can I use instead of oxalic acid?

Hydrochloric acid works as a substitute for oxalic acid in a similar fashion as sulfuric acid. Hydrochloric acid removes rust and iron oxide in metals (a process often referred to as pickling) before the steel or other metal is further worked into more commercially viable forms.

How does oxalic acid work on wood?

Oxalic acid crystals are used in the restoration shop as a tool to bleach out rust stains from woods that contain tannin. When woods that contain tannin come into contact with moisture and iron, such as old nails and screws, a chemical reaction occurs. This reaction causes the surrounding areas of wood to turn black.

Does oxalic acid kill Mould?

Oxalic acid generally brightens the wood surface, but is not very effective for removing algae or mold, nor will it keep iron stain from reoccurring if the source of the iron is not removed.


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