Is there such thing as self cleaning windows?


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Self-cleaning glass is a specific type of glass with a surface that keeps itself free of dirt and grime. These two types of coating both clean themselves through the action of water, the former by rolling droplets and the latter by sheeting water that carries away dirt. …

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Secondly, how do you keep a glass self cleaning?

How To Correctly Clean and Maintain Self Cleaning Glass

  1. Do not use soap that has any type of dye in it.
  2. Do not use ANY type of abrasives (including sponges that usually can be used on glass)
  3. Use of squeegees are NOT recommended.
  4. Never touch metal of any kind to the coating.
Consequently, how effective is self-cleaning glass? In conclusion, self-cleaning glass can save you time, work and the cost of cleaning supplies. It is low maintenance, but only if it receives sunshine and rain on a regular basis.

People also ask, how can I tell if my glass is self cleaning?

A simple test is to spray water at the surface and compare it with ordinary glass, see it sheet off the glass rather than form lots of rivulets. Silicone-contaminated surfaces will also form rivulets similar to ordinary glass.

How expensive is self-cleaning glass?

The self-cleaning glass, which Pilkington is calling Activ, will add about 20 percent to the price of basic windows, which typically cost $200 to $600.

How do I stop my windows from getting dirty?

Start the process by removing your blinds and wiping off the accumulated dust with a microfiber cleaning cloth. To protect them and to prevent dust from gathering too quickly, spray them with an anti-static spray. If you have curtains in the rooms, remove them to be washed later.

Can you clean self clean glass?

To remove difficult stains, use a soft cloth and solvent-free soapy water. Rinse and repeat the process if necessary. For really stubborn stains, use a non-abrasive liquid glass cleaner. Always use a clean cloth and do not rub dirt or debris from your cloth onto the surface of the glass.

How long do self cleaning windows last?

Compare Pilkington self-cleaning glass to ordinary glass for a better understanding. The coating on Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass products needs approximately 5 – 7 days to energise. After this period it continues to work even on cloudy days and during the night, washing away dirt whenever it rains.

What is active blue glass?

Pilkington Activ™ Blue is an on-line coated body-tinted, self-cleaning and medium performance solar control glass, in an attractive blue colour. … The unique blue colour helps to keep internal temperatures cool whilst still maintaining excellent light transmittance, low light reflection and high energy absorption.

What type of glass is ideal for skylights?

To make sure your rooflight can handle such conditions, always use toughened glass. Also known as tempered or safety glass, toughened glass is the quintessential glazing option for various fenestration solutions. This is because it is 4-5 times stronger than standard glass or annealed glass.

Where is self cleaning glass used?

Other Applications of Self-Cleaning Glass

This technology is not only used for manufacturing “self-cleaning glass” windows but is also used for the production of self-cleaning solar panels and building facades.

What is self cleaning glass?

Hydrophilic self cleaning glass is known as having the “lotus effect” which basically means it has a very high water repellency, just like the leaves of a lotus flower.


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