How to Get Gum Out of Clothes?


by Andres


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Pour rubbing alcohol onto a cloth. Rub it into the gum. It’s okay if the rubbing alcohol contacts the clothing — it won’t stain. Once the gum starts to loosen, use a butter knife to gently scrape it from the clothes. Launder as normal.

How to Get Gum Out of Delicate Clothing

If you have gum on delicate clothes such as lace, wool or cashmere, use a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol. Instead of soaking a sponge or cloth, use a Q-tip and carefully dab it over the gum. Gently peel it off with the back of a spoon or another dull item.

How to Get Gum Out of Clothes After Washing and Drying

If you’ve only noticed chewing gum in your clothes after washing and drying the garments, fear not. You can still remove it. It will just be a bit harder.

We recommend the freezer method. This will harden the gum and it should be pretty simple to remove.

However, the ironing method also works wonders! Just have a little bit of patience, as it can take longer since the gum is now set in.

Have a stain remover at the ready to remove any stains on the garment that have appeared from the gum.

Launder as normal afterwards. Don’t dry the garment unless the gum stains are definitely gone.


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