How to Wash Weighted Blankets?


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Separate the cover from the inner blanket. Inspect for and treat stains. Wash the cover and blanket separately, following the care label instructions. Always use a mild detergent and cold water where possible. Use the gentle or hand-wash cycle setting. Air dry or tumble dry at a low heat, depending on the material.

Weighted blankets are heavy because of their filling. The filling is distributed evenly across the blanket in little pockets so that when you go under it, it wraps you up in a cuddle. But each filling material requires a different approach to cleaning.

How to Wash a Weighted Blanket

Before you wash your weighted blanket, check the care label instructions. Be sure to modify the instructions based on your blanket’s cover material, filling and weight.

Machine Wash

  1. Separate the cover from the inner blanket if possible. Some weighted blankets have removable covers — these should be washed separately.
  2. Inspect the cover and the inner blanket for stains. If you find a stain, run it under cold water and apply a mild detergent or stain remover. Gently rub it into the fabric, let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it away. Repeat if necessary.
  3. Put the outer layer into the washing machine. Refer back to our tips on washing different cover materials.
  4. Choose the appropriate temperature.
  5. Select the hand-wash or gentle wash cycle.
  6. Add your mild detergent.
  7. Begin the wash cycle.
  8. Wash the inner blanket separately, following the instructions depending on the blanket’s filling.
  9. Use a mild detergent and a gentle wash cycle.
  10. Start the wash cycle.
  11. If using fabric softener, do an extra rinse on both the cover and the filling. This removes any build-up.

Hand Wash

If hand washing, get someone to help you. These blankets are heavy when wet.

  1. Separate the cover from the inner blanket.
  2. Pre-treat any stains. Rinse the stained area with cold water. Gently rub in a mild detergent. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing the stain. Repeat if needed.
  3. The cover can be machine washed if the care label allows it.
  4. Fill your bathtub halfway with lukewarm water. With micro glass beads, steel shot beads, or pebbles fillings, you can use a higher temperature if you wish.
  5. Add a small amount of mild detergent. Mix thoroughly.
  6. Completely submerge the weighted blanket in the water.
  7. Gently rub the fabric together to clean it.
  8. Let it soak for 15 minutes before rubbing the fabric again.
  9. Leave the blanket in the tub while you drain all of the water.
  10. Add clean water to rinse the blanket. Rub the fabric together until the water runs clear — this means the detergent is gone and the blanket is clean.
  11. Roll and squeeze the blanket against the side of the tub to drain excess water. Do not wring the blanket as this can tear the material.
  12. Repeat with the blanket cover if you’re also hand washing it.

How to Dry Your Weighted Blanket

You can dry your weighted blanket in the machine, air dry or by taking it to the dry cleaners. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each method.

Machine Dry


  • Dries quickly.
  • Less hassle.
  • Good for cotton and fleece covers at a low heat setting.
  • Suitable for micro glass bead fillings.


  • Not suitable for linen blends or minky covers.
  • Not suitable for plastic poly pellets, steel shot beads or pebble fillings.
  • Blankets are heavy when wet. This might exceed your machine’s maximum weight.
  • Not as gentle as air drying.

Air Dry


  • Gentle.
  • Suitable for any cover and filling material.
  • Reduces pilling and clumping.


  • This can take up to 24 hours depending on your blanket’s material.
  • If it takes too long to dry, it can smell damp and sour.
  • If you hang it unevenly, it might stretch the material and ruin the blanket.

Dry Clean

The big question: can you dry clean a weighted blanket? Most weighted blanket care labels will not recommend dry cleaning. Dry cleaners wash clothes by using solvents instead of water. The clothes go in a huge washing machine — also not ideal for some weighted blanket materials.

However, some covers, like linen blends, can go to the dry cleaners. Just make sure they know the care instructions so they don’t ruin your blanket.


  • Someone else does the hard work for you!
  • They have professional experience.
  • Saves you time.
  • Suitable if the care label says to dry clean.


  • Many weighted blanket manufacturers advise against this.
  • It can ruin the weighted blanket.
  • They use harsh solvents.
  • They don’t use mild detergent.
  • It will decrease the lifespan of your blanket.
  • If you have sensitive skin, the solvents might irritate you.

We don’t recommend taking your weighted blanket to the dry cleaners. It might save you time, but it could ruin your blanket. Better to spend the day washing it at home.

How to Remove Stains From Weighted Blankets

If you eat, sleep and relax in your weighted blanket, it’s bound to get stained occasionally. Here are our top tips for removing stains:

  • Run the stain under cold water, rub in a mild detergent, and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse with cold water and hopefully the stain is gone. If not, repeat as necessary.
  • Rinse out stains as soon as you spot them. If the stain is dried in, it shouldn’t be an issue but it will definitely be a bit harder to remove.
  • If you have a greasy stain, the best way to remove it is with dish soap. Add a little bit to the stain along with cold water. Gently rub it in. Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it away.
  • Drinking coffee in your weighted blanket is super cozy. But if you spill, it’s important to treat the stain properly. Mix one ounce of laundry detergent, one ounce of distilled white vinegar and 10 ounces of water together. Gently rub it into the stain with a toothbrush or cloth. Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing it away.
  • Your puppy might love relaxing on top of your weighted blanket. But if they have an accident — it’s time to get that stain out ASAP. For fresh pet urine stains, soap and water will do the trick. For set in stains, treat it with an enzyme stain remover. Wash normally. After the cycle, check that the stain and odor are gone. If not, repeat until it is before drying.

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