5 Best Affordable Robot Vacuums of 2022


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You’ve probably heard about robot vacuums, and maybe you’re wondering if they’re really worth it. After all, many of them are more expensive than upright and canister models.

You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t always have to spend a fortune on robot vacuums. There are plenty of affordable ones you can choose from instead.

Check out our list of the five best affordable robot vacuums that will save you time and energy.

The Best Affordable Robot Vacuums of 2022

Time to unveil our top five favorite robot vacuums.

1. Opodee Smart Navigation Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Most Affordable Robot Vacuum with Powerful Suction

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Do you want to capture everything – from small dust particles to large debris? In that case, you may want to choose this robot vacuum.

We’re very impressed with the suction power of this model, delivering 1800 pascals of vacuum pressure.

A 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery powers the unit. This provides up to 100 minutes of runtime on a single charge, and recharging will take four hours. A solid blue line will show when the battery is at full capacity.

The incorporated HEPA filter ensures that fine dust particles are captured.

This robot vacuum is suitable for hard floors and carpets, transitioning between the two easily with climbing wheels. There are four cleaning modes – edge cleaning mode, spot cleaning, single room model, and s-shaped cleaning mode.

The Pros

Self-Navigating Mapping

This robot vacuum self-navigates to avoid obstacles in its path. The anti-drop sensors also prevent it from falling downstairs. Another nifty feature is that it returns to the charging dock automatically when the battery is low.

You Can Create No-Go Zones

With boundary strips, you can limit where your robot vacuum goes in your home. They’re easy to set up ­­– just attach them to your floor. The machine will simply turn around when it detects the strips.

This is great if you have sleeping children and don’t want the vacuum to enter their room.

Four Cleaning Modes

We love that this unit has four cleaning modes to choose from. You can select one to suit your needs, whether you’re doing a quick clean-up or a more thorough weekly vacuum.

The vacuum also transitions smoothly from hard floors (laminate, tile, and wood) to low-pile carpet. It can climb up to 0.6 inches which is excellent for getting up onto rugs.

The Cons

It Might Be Noisy

This robot vacuum is around 65 decibels. You may find that this is quite noisy if you prefer a quiet home. It’s certainly louder than some other models.

Additional Specs

Runtime100 minutes
Charge TimeFour hours
Remote ControlYes
Smartphone AppNo

2. ILife V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum

Best Affordable Robot Vacuum for Pets

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Another budget robot vacuum we love is this one from ILife. It’s an ideal unit for pet owners.

For one, it has the manufacturer’s AirAway technology for additional filtering. It also has two long spinning brushes to capture hair from shedding pets. Additionally, the HEPA filter may help to trap pet dander and other allergens.

It can clean any floor surface, including hardwood, tile, and thin carpets. So no matter where your pet sheds, this vacuum can tidy.

You can choose from four different cleaning modes. These include auto, spot, edge, and schedule.

The auto-clean follows a random pattern to vacuum your home, while spot is good for ground-in dirt. For walls and corners, though, you may want to opt for the edge cleaning mode. You can also create a specified start time on the schedule option.

The Pros

Deals With Pet Hair

The combination of AirAway Technology, long spinning brushes, and HEPA filter can benefit pet owners. Say goodbye to your furry friend’s shedding worries!

Built-In Obstacle-Drop Sensors

These fancy sensors safely guide the robot vacuum around your home. You don’t need to worry about the vacuum bumping into furniture or falling downstairs.

Features Climbing Wheels

With the climbing wheels, this robot vacuum can transition between floor types. They have a reach of up to 15 millimeters.

100 Minute Run Time

This is a very generous runtime. Customers with large homes appreciate it. When the robot runs out of battery, it automatically returns to the dock and begins charging.

The Cons

Doesn’t Have a Smartphone App

We’re disappointed that this robot vacuum doesn’t have a smartphone app. This would improve the user experience and make it easy to monitor and create schedules.

It does come with a remote control, though, so you can manage the vacuum from the comfort of your couch.

Additional Specs

Runtime100 minutes
Charge TimeNot Specified
Remote ControlYes
Smartphone AppNo

3. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Best Affordable Robot Vacuum for Ground-In Dirt

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If you have a lot of stubborn dirt in your home, you may want to check out this Roomba. It has innovative Dirt Detect technology, which recognizes areas that need to be cleaned. It then concentrates on this area to scrub it thoroughly.

There’s also an edge-sweeping brush to tackle those hard-to-reach spots. It’s designed to work at a 27-degree angle and gets into corners and along the edge of walls without problems.

We like that you don’t have to worry about this Roomba crashing into anything. It has 360-degree smart sensors and can make more than 60 decisions per second. There are also “cliff detect” sensors to avoid high drops.

Also, the auto-adjust cleaning head will adapt the height for different surfaces.

The Pros

Three Stage Cleaning System

This fancy cleaning system ensures that the robot vacuum is suitable for carpets and hard floors. It uses a multi-surface brush to loosen and trap dirt before sucking it into the dustbin.

Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head

This model can transition between situations without a problem. The auto-adjust cleaning head can change the height for different flooring types, such as laminate and low-pile carpet.

Features Smart Navigation

Smart navigation can keep this robot vacuum on track without any accidents. The Roomba can make 60 decisions per second, such as avoiding obstacles and drops and moving in different directions.

The Cons

Doesn’t Have a Remote Control

This robot vacuum doesn’t have a remote control. You have to use the buttons on the top of the unit to operate it. Unfortunately, this is a lot less convenient than controlling it from across the room.

This means that you need to be home to use this vacuum. Consider another model if you’re looking for a vacuum that can tidy while you’re at work.

Additional Specs

Runtime60 minutes
Charge TimeThree hours
Remote ControlNo
Smartphone AppNo

4. Pure Clean PUCRC26B Automatic Robot Vacuum

Best Affordable Robot Vacuum for Allergies

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Does someone in your family have allergies? To prevent sneezing, skin irritation, and general sickness, you may want to consider this robot vacuum.

It has a HEPA filter, which helps to capture and trap pathogens, dust mites, pollen, and dander. This improves the air in your home and makes it safer for your family.

The suction on this model is good, at 1200 pascals. It pulls in debris easier with its dual rotating side brushes and the underbrush.

The runtime on this model is up to 55 minutes of non-stop cleaning. A full charge will take around four hours to complete. All types of flooring are fair game with this device – from tile and hardwood to short pile carpets.

The Pros

Choose Cleaning Mode With a Remote Control

Use the remote control to manage the vacuum. You can select from a few different cleaning modes. This includes a random cleaning mode, a spiral movement for ground-in dirt, and a mode for edge-cleaning.

Low Profile and Minimalistic Design

This one can effortlessly glide under furniture to vacuum. It has a height of 2.9 inches – small enough to clean under sofas, beds, and tables. These are places you don’t want to miss if you’re trying to capture dust through your home.

The minimalistic design is user-friendly, too. It only has one button – an on/off switch – and everything else is controlled via the app.

Includes a Protective Bumper

We like the protective bumper on this robotic vacuum. It keeps it safe from damage and acts as a backup if the sensors don’t detect an obstacle.

The vacuum also has anti-fall sensors to avoid falling from ledges or downstairs.

The Cons

Small Dustbin Capacity

Unfortunately, the dustbin can only hold around 0.2 liters of dirt. This is lower than other robot vacuums on our list, so you’ll have to empty it more often.

Additional Specs

Runtime55 minutes
Charge TimeFour hours
Remote ControlYes
Smartphone AppNo

5. Ecovacs Deebot N79S Robot Vacuum

Affordable Robot Vacuum with Longest Runtime

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If you have a large home, you may be looking for a robot vacuum with a high runtime. In that case, this is the model you should check out. It operates for up to 120 minutes on a single charge.

Of all the models on our list, this has the longest runtime. When it finally runs out of battery, it’ll return automatically to the charging dock.

This robot vacuum is small enough for gliding underneath furniture such as sofas, chairs, and tables. It can get rid of dust and dirt that you don’t even know is hiding there.

One of our favorite features on this model is the max mode, allowing you to increase the suction power by up to two times. It’s great for completing deep cleans around the home.

The Pros

Three Cleaning Modes for Deep Cleaning

You’ll love the thorough clean this affordable robot vacuum gives your home. It has three cleaning modes: auto, spot, and edge mode. The unit has a main brush and two side brushes for corners and edges.

Control Vacuum When You’re at Work

While this comes with a remote for you to control while you’re in the house, you can also manage it when you’re not home. This comes with a smartphone app called ECOVAS so that you can arrange your cleaning from your phone.

You can also connect the robot to Alexa or Google Assistant, so you can use voice commands to control it.

Obstacle Detection and Anti-Drop Technology

A lot of people worry that their robot vacuum will crash into objects. That shouldn’t be a problem with this unit. It has advanced obstacle detection sensors and anti-drop technology to avoid any accidents around the home.

The Cons

Customer Problems With Scheduling

There have been some complaints about the scheduling feature. Some users have reported that the robot vacuum doesn’t always comply with the scheduled cleaning time.

Additional Specs

Runtime120 minutes
Charge TimeNot specified
Remote ControlYes
Smartphone AppYes

Affordable Robot Vacuum Comparison Chart

ProductAwardRuntimeCharge TimeBatteryRemote ControlSmartphone App
Smart NavigationBest Suction100 min4 hrsLithium-ionYesNo
ILife V3s ProBest For Pets100 minN/ALithium-ionYesNo
iRobot Roomba 614Best For Ground-In Dirt60 min3 hrsLithium-ionNoNo
Pure Clean PUCRC26B AutomaticBest for Allergies55 min4 hrsNi-MHYesNo
Ecovacs Deebot N79SLongest Runtime120 minN/ALithium-ionYesYes

Why Should You Buy a Robot Vacuum?

A self-guiding cleaner certainly sounds cool. But is that enough reason to consider getting one? If you’ve never owned a robot vacuum, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about.

These are some of the benefits you can look forward to, even with a budget model.

Saves You Time

Do you have a busy schedule and no time to clean? With a robot vacuum, you can leave your device to get the work done without you being there to push it along.

All you have to do is select the cleaning mode and personalize the scheduling settings. Then, whether you’re home or not, the robot will get the cleaning done.

Clean All Flooring Types

A good thing about robots is that they don’t just clean a single type of flooring. Like most vacuum cleaners, they will refresh your carpets, agitating the fibers to remove dust and debris.

Most robot vacuum cleaners will also do a great job on hardwood and tile floors. A lot of models can automatically adjust to the surface as they clean. This includes changing the suction power or brush roll.

Also, you’ll find some robot vacuums have climbing wheels to transition smoothly between flooring of varying heights.

Ideal for Those With Mobility Problems

Vacuuming can be painful work if you suffer from back or joint problems. The good news is that robot vacuums do the job for you. Use a remote control to customize your cleaning schedule, and sit back and relax while the work gets done.

Use Less Electricity

When you use an upright or canister vacuum, it must be plugged in. It’s continuously using electricity as you clean. But, since a robot vacuum uses rechargeable batteries, it may even help to lower your electric bill.

Customize to Your Needs

You’ll find that a lot of robot vacuums offer different cleaning modes. This is great for gearing it to your specific needs. For example, if you have ground-in dirt, you can use spot cleaning.

For walls and corners, on the other hand, select edge cleaning. The specific modes will depend on the unit you buy, but most have between two and four different settings.

Cleans Hard-to-Reach Spots

The floor or carpet underneath your furniture is a narrow space usually off-limits to larger canister and upright devices. However, these areas are not a problem for robot vacuums. These vacuums typically have a slim and compact design to glide into hard-to-reach spots.

With accessories such as sweeping side brushes, robots can get into the nooks and crannies around your home.

This includes edges and corners that traditional vacuum cleaners can’t reach without a special attachment.

Choosing the Best Budget Robot Vacuum

Like most technological gadgets, you can find robot vacuums to suit practically every budget. Of course, some budget models might not be as advanced as the more expensive ones. But this doesn’t mean they’re less effective at cleaning.

Here is a list of features often included even in lower-cost models. Keep these in mind when shopping.

Noise Level

Do you have young kids or pets? Your children’s naptime can be the perfect opportunity to get some housework done. But it won’t help if a loud vacuum cleaner wakes them. Likewise, you don’t want a noisy machine that might scare your dog.

The best way to avoid this happening is by choosing a robot vacuum with a low decibel rating. Ideally, look for one with a noise level of under 60 decibels.


One of the reasons you may be purchasing a robot vacuum is so you don’t have to do the work yourself. They can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a big home. In this case, therefore, you want to be sure to get one with staying power.

The feature to look for is a long runtime on a single battery charge. Affordable robot vacuums can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 120 minutes before needing a recharge. However, a higher runtime means the vacuum will clean more between charges.

Smartphone App

You can only operate the device from within your home with remote control. However, with a smartphone app, you can start cleaning and check up on your robot vacuum when you’re at work or out shopping.

Some even let you schedule cleaning on specific days and times. So, you can arrange to come home after a long day to a house with clean floors and carpets.

Virtual Walls or Boundary Strips

Do you want to keep your robot vacuum contained in one area? Are there particular rooms (ones with napping babies, for example) that you want it to avoid?

In this case, you may want to look out for a model that offers virtual walls or boundary strips. This prevents the unit from leaving a designated area – it’ll turn around when it reaches a no-go zone.

Virtual walls are often created with a smartphone app, requiring a Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum.

On the other hand, Boundary strips are accessories included with your device or bought separately. You place them on the floor to mark where the vacuum shouldn’t go.

HEPA Filter

A high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filter is an excellent feature to look for if you’ve got allergies. This filter can capture microscopic particles from your home, including bacteria, pet dander, and pollen.

A robot vacuum with a HEPA filter will release less dirt and dust back into the room. This reduces allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, skin irritation, and wheezing.

Dustbin Capacity

Since these vacuum cleaners are much smaller than traditional models, their storage capacity is also less. The size of the dustbin on a robot can range from as little as 0.2 liters up to 0.6 liters.

So, it’s best to look for a large dustbin capacity to make your life easier. This saves you from frequently stopping the robot vacuum to empty it. You may also want to consider how easy it is to empty.

Dustbins located on the side of a robot vacuum tend to be easier to empty. They slide out with minimal mess, and you can grip them properly. Plus, a dustbin underneath has a higher chance of spilling dust since it can be difficult to remove.


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