7 Best Carpet Sweepers of 2022


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Are you looking for a new way to get your carpet clean swiftly? Carpet sweepers were popular decades ago, long before carpet vacuums were perfected. However, they’re making a comeback, and can we just say how excited we are?

You may be fully team vacuum, but there’s a reason carpet sweepers were loved in the past. These machines are lighter, easier to maneuver and work well at removing pet hair.

We’ve researched real customer reviews and popular products, as well as applied our own insight to bring you the seven best carpet sweepers of the year.

Best Carpet Sweeper Reviews of 2022

Here are seven of the most popular carpet sweepers.

1. Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper

Best Sweeper with Natural Bristles

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If you’re on the hunt for an easy way to pick up the day’s mess, the Fuller Brush 17042 is excellent. It has a natural bristle roller in the middle and additional smaller bristles in each corner.

You also get a vinyl rotor, which is excellent at picking up more substantial pieces such as crumbs. You can clean both rollers easily, and you even get a handy tool to help get the hair out of the bristles.

The sweeper’s head is an ideal size for small spaces. It can easily make its way around and underneath furniture.

The Pros

Excellent for Crumbs

Families with young children know the struggle of crumbs spreading after every meal. The natural bristles quickly pick up bits as you sweep the carpet. And because the bristles are soft, you can also use the sweeper on hard floors without scratching.

Additional Roller Cleans Wet Messes

Wet spills and messes are also a part of every parent’s day. Most vacuums can’t remove anything wet, but this sweeper can. The vinyl roller is excellent at cleaning up spilled milk, cereal, water, and any other damp mess.

This could be the perfect addition to a busy family home or even a restaurant.

Easy Maintenance Thanks to Special Comb

Long hair can quickly get tangled in the bristles, which can be messy to remove. However, Fuller Brush has made the task easier by including a specialized comb that quickly untangles hair.

Durable Metal Material

The sweeper is sturdy and durable. It’s made out of solid metal with a four-section wand. There’s a soft vinyl bumper around the edges to protect your furniture from damage.

The Cons

Narrow Sweeper Head

The sweeper’s head is only nine inches wide, making its cleaning path rather small. A few customers didn’t find it sufficient.

Handle Requires Tightening

The four-section wand tends to become loose after a few uses. This was a point several customers noted, saying they had to tighten the wand quite often.

Additional Specs

Weight3.45 pounds
Roller TypeNatural bristles, vinyl blade
Height46.5 inches
ManufacturerFuller Brush Company

2. Bissell Easy Sweep

Best Multiple Surfaces Sweeper

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Having a smart tool at hand to clean minor messes instead of dragging out the old vacuum can save time. This sweeper from Bissell is a favorite by many homeowners.

It’s lightweight, compact, and can fit into corners and underneath furniture. This sweeper will work effectively no matter what type of flooring you have in your home.

It can lay entirely flat on the floor, making it easy to store and clean. Additionally, you can remove the brush roll when you need to clean it.

The Pros

Works On Multiple Surfaces

This sweeper will glide over any type of flooring effortlessly. It effectively removes crumbs, dust, and dirt from hard floors, and high (and low) pile carpets. The soft bristles make it safe for hardwood floors as well.

Lightweight (Under Three Pounds)

Vacuuming daily can quickly take a toll on one’s back. But we love that this sweeper weighs under three pounds, making it easy to carry around and clean with. It can lay flat on the floor, so it’s a breeze to clean underneath furniture.

Slim Design Makes for Easy Storage

Thanks to the slim and compact design, you can easily store the Bissell EasySweep in any closet or cabinet. You can hang it on the wall using the small hole at the handle or place it standing against the wall.

Easy to Empty the Container

When the container becomes full, you can quickly empty it over the garbage bin. It features dual dirt bins, which conveniently open at the bottom of the sweeper. With this feature, you won’t have to touch any dirt!

The Cons

Not as Effective with Flat Debris

Items like small pieces of paper or feathers can be difficult for the EasySweep to remove.

The Handle Easily Comes Off

Several customers noted that the handle would snap off when sweeping back and forth. Some fixed it by replacing the wand.

Additional Specs

Weight2.85 pounds
Roller TypeBristles
Height42 inches

3. Ontel Swivel Sweeper

Best Swivel Steering Sweeper

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This Swivel Sweeper will help you get the cleaning done in no time. Its 360-degree swivel enables you to move around corners and furniture quickly.

The low profile makes it an excellent fit underneath low furniture — perfect for tackling stubborn dust bunnies. For extra power, the Swivel Sweeper is equipped with rechargeable batteries.

It’s fitted with side brushes to get a thorough clean along your home’s edges and baseboards. The soft bristles glide smoothly over any surface.

The Pros

360-Degree Swivel Steering

Move around corners and furniture quickly with the help of the 360-degree swivel steering. It’s smooth as it turns and requires minimal effort.

Battery-Powered Provides Extra Power

The battery provides you with extra power ― the side brushes spin at 4,000 RPM. As a result, it effectively picks up crumbs and debris from tight corners and along baseboards.

When you’re running low on power, the battery unit can be removed and recharged for another round of cleaning.

Easy Maintenance

When a clean is due, the bristles are easy to remove for a rinse. Once they’re dry, simply put them back into place. Keeping the brush clean and without tangles is essential if you want the product to work optimally.

Low Profile Cleans Under Furniture

The low profile enables you to clean underneath furniture effortlessly. It lies completely flat on the floor, making it easy to remove dirt from any spot.

The Cons

Requires Frequent Cleaning

A few customers noted that pet hair often tangles within the bristles. This means frequent cleaning or the sweeper wouldn’t be as efficient.

It’s Louder Than Other Options

Carpet sweepers usually aren’t noisy. However, several customers notice a significant noise level when using this sweeper.

Additional Specs

Weight2 pounds
Roller TypeBristles
Height48.7 inches

4. Bissell Sweep-Up

Best Roller Brush Sweeper

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Do you need something to pick up messes quickly? Bissell’s Sweep-Up is a model you should consider. It features soft brushes that effectively pick up dust, dirt, and lint.

You can use it all over the house due to the gentle bristles, and it glides easily over hard floors and carpet.

The compact design fits easily underneath furniture and storage. Plus, the sweeper is equipped with rubber bumpers to protect your furniture.

The Pros

It’s Quick to Use

Because it requires no setup, you can quickly get the cleaning started and finished. It transitions smoothly from carpet to hard floors without bumping. This makes for an excellent result, especially on rugs.

Soft Brushes Picks Up More Dirt

The soft brushes work efficiently as you move the sweeper back and forth. It effectively picks up everything from dust to fine lint, which can be a struggle for some sweepers.

One-Year Warranty

You can feel more at ease when buying this sweeper since a one-year warranty covers it. If anything breaks or isn’t working as it should, you’re covered.

Compact Design Gets In Tight Spaces

The compact design fits easily underneath furniture. It’s also a breeze to store since it only requires a small space.

The Cons

Requires Frequent Cleaning

Your floors might stay clean, but the brush rollers can be high-maintenance. Hair tends to stick to the rollers, which reduces the sweeper’s efficiency. This was a common issue among pet owners.

Not as Effective on Hardwood Floors

Customers with hardwood flooring noted that the sweeper didn’t pick up debris as effectively. It required several sweeps to get a good result.

Additional Specs

Weight1.65 pounds
Roller TypeRoller brushes
Height42 inches

5. Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

Easiest to Clean Sweeper

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It can be pretty gross to clean out when your carpet sweeper is full of dirt and debris. But the Karcher KB5 makes it a simple job. The debris canister is easy to access. Just pull it out and tip out the dirt. You never need to come into direct contact with it.

The brush roll, which picks up tons of dirt, debris, and hair, is also removable. So when it’s time to clean that out, simply remove it, clean out the hair and replace it.

The Pros

Works on All Floors

This is a versatile product to use in any home, no matter your floor type. It’s ideal for carpets, rugs, and all types of hard floors, including wood and tile. Seamlessly move from your cozy carpets to your tiled bathroom floors without changing any settings.

Edge to Edge Cleaning

Pick up every crumb, bit of dirt, and hair with edge-to-edge cleaning. The adjustable sweeping edge makes it super easy to clean up every inch of your floors. So, you can pick up stubborn dirt and debris along the edge of walls, couches, chairs, and bed frames.

Easy to Maneuver

This carpet sweeper is lightweight — only 2.6 pounds — so it’s very easy to maneuver. But that’s not all. It can tilt all the way down so you can glide it under furniture to clean up hidden crumbs and dirt.

It has swivel steering for ultimate control. Finally, it’s small and lightweight enough to carry up and down stairs, cleaning as you go.

The Cons

Lacking Power

This carpet sweeper won’t replace your vacuum. It doesn’t match the suction and power of a regular vacuum. It’s better suited to smaller messes rather than larger ones. While it’s excellent for daily sweeping and cleaning, it’s not intended to be used for the weekly vacuum job.

Additional Specs

Weight2.6 pounds
Roller TypeBrush roller
Height44 inches

6. EZ Spares Carpet Sweeper

Best Flat Folding Sweeper

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This sweeper from EZ Spares is excellent for a whole-house clean. It features two thin-bristled rollers and a thick roller in the middle to effectively pick up dust and debris. The natural bristles are soft and gentle for hard floors but also effective on carpets and rugs.

Cleaning underneath sofas and tables is also easy as the sweeper can lie flat on the floor.

Because it folds flat, you can store it in any tight space. It’s also easy to empty the container when needed.

The Pros

Natural Bristles Are Soft On Floors

The horsehair bristles are soft and gentle on any hard surface. They also won’t wear down as quickly as plastic brushes.

It requires a few sweeps on carpets but will leave a clean result.

Easy Steering

It glides effortlessly over any surface, such as carpet, tiles, and hardwood.

The compact floorhead makes it an easy fit in between furniture and underneath chairs and tables.

Mess-Free Container

When it’s time to empty the container, you can easily pull back two tabs at the bottom to release the contents.

The Cons

Short Handle Is Frustrating for Tall People

The short handle was an issue for several customers. They found themselves bending quite a lot while cleaning.

Require Several Sweeps

To effectively remove dirt, the sweeper does require multiple sweeps in the area. This can be inconvenient for some. However, it’s still easier than using a broom and dustpan.

Additional Specs

Weight3.2 pounds
Roller TypeRoller brushes
HeightNot specified
ManufacturerEZ Spares

7. Bissell City Sweep

Best Design Carpet Sweeper

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Want a fun design to make cleaning more interesting? Why not try this sweeper from Bissell? You even get to choose your favorite city outline — we chose Seattle!

It’s not only great to look at, but it’s also highly effective when it comes to sweeping. The rollers will pick up most dirt and debris as you sweep back and forth. Plus, it’s lightweight and can lay flat on the floor so you can easily reach underneath furniture.

One of the reasons we like this model is its versatility. You can use it on multiple surfaces such as carpets, small rugs, and hard floors.

The Pros

Unique Design Makes It More Fun

Most carpet sweepers tend to look dated and, well, bland. But, Bissell has taken a chance by adding a fun design. You can choose between London, Chicago, and Seattle.

Low-Profile Helps Clean Under Furniture

The low-profile design makes it easy to fit under beds, tables, and sofas. With a few sweeps, nearly all dust bunnies will be long gone.

Easy to Empty

When it’s time to empty the container, simply hold it over the garbage and release the bin. All of the content will shoot into the trash, and you won’t have to touch anything.

Quiet Operation Is Great for Late Nights

If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of having to clean at the end of the day. You want to whip out the vacuum, but it might wake the children.

This sweeper can do an excellent job, minus the noise. It doesn’t feature a motor or battery-powered brushes.

The Cons

Not as Effective on Hard Floors

A few customers noted a few problems when cleaning tiles. They felt as if the rollers weren’t picking up enough debris.

Needs Multiple Sweeps

Some customers noted that this sweeper requires several quick sweeps to pick up debris effectively.

Additional Specs

Weight2.85 pounds
Roller TypeNot specified
Height42 inches

Carpet Sweeper Comparison Chart

ProductBestWeightRoller TypeHeightBattery-PoweredManufacturer
Fuller Brush ElectrostaticNatural Bristles3.45 lbsNatural bristles, vinyl blade46.5″NoFuller Brush Company
Bissell Easy SweepFor Multiple Surfaces2.85 lbsBristles42″NoBissell
Ontel Swivel SweeperSwivel Steering2 lbsBristles48.7″YesOntel
Bissell Sweep-UpRoller Brush1.65 lbsRoller brushes42″NoBissell
Karcher KB5 Cordless SweeperEasiest to Clean Sweeper2.6 lbsBrush roller44″YesKarcher
EZ Spares SweeperFlat Folding3.2 lbsRoller brushesNot specifiedNoEZ Spares
Bissell City SweepDesign2.85 lbsNot specified42″NoBissell

Tips for Finding the Best Carpet Sweepers

If you’re feeling the carpet sweeper vibe, here are a few tips and considerations to find the best for you:

1. Power

First, consider what type of sweeper you’d like. A manual can work fine if you want a quiet device to clean up minor messes after dinner. But, if you want a bit more power, you should go for a battery-powered model.

But pet families will need more power. A battery-powered carpet sweeper has faster-turning brushes that create a greater charge. And fine pet hair can’t resist the static temptation!

2. Blades or Bristles?

Generally, carpet sweepers have one or two rotating rolls. These are either rubber or bristles. Each has its pros and cons, but it’s essential to think about the task to choose the right one for you.

Brushes are excellent at picking up dust, dirt, and hair. However, some will wear out faster than others.

Mind The Tangles

Bristles are notorious for tangles when you sweep hair. This can be inconvenient because you’ll have to spend time removing the hair afterward.

Some brush rollers can be removed and detangled. But if you have long-haired pets, this should be something to look for.

Blades are generally made of soft rubber. These are just as effective as bristles, and they won’t get tangled when sweeping hair.

3. Weight and Size

Most carpet sweepers are lightweight due to the lack of a motor ― they’re usually under five pounds. The sweeper handle is generally quite slim and resembles a regular broomstick. Some handles even have a soft rubber tread to make them more comfortable for you.

You can also find models with a telescopic wand. These can be very useful if multiple people in a household use the sweeper since you can adjust the height.

Also, consider the roller width. Some can be as small as six inches, and others can be as wide as 13 inches. But don’t let a large box put you off; the rollers inside could be much smaller.

A slim model with wide rollers is best if you want a carpet sweeper that’s easy to move around the house.

The height of the sweeper’s head is also worth considering. If you want to clean underneath couches or beds, you’ll need a small head. Keep in mind, though, that these can still have wide rollers.

4. Material

When we talk about the material, we primarily mean the wand. This can be made of plastic or metal. Galvanized steel is a popular type due to its high durability, although it can be slightly heavier than plastic.

Plastic, on the other hand, is lightweight but also fragile. It might not last you as long as a metal wand.

5. Container Size

The size of the dust container determines how much you can get done in one go. However, a large bin will also make the sweeper bulkier and can limit the places you can sweep. Some sweepers will even have two small containers.

Consider how easy it is to empty — taking it apart before emptying can be difficult. A good option is a sweeper with tabs or other opening mechanisms to make the task easier.

6. Storage

Finally, consider how you’ll store the sweeper. Due to the slim, lightweight design, there are many options for storage.

Some sweepers can be taken apart to fit into small spaces easily. However, this can be inconvenient since you’ll then have to put it back together when you need it.

DIY homeowners might add a thread around the handle to hang the sweeper on the wall. Others can become wholly flat and stored underneath a sofa or bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Carpet Sweepers Work?

Carpet sweepers work by creating static electricity that draws dirt, dust, hair, and debris in. The rollers will then scoop the dirt up and force it into a container. This method is old, but it’s tried and tested and, therefore, the go-to way for many.

Do Carpet Sweepers Work on Hard Floors?

Just because it’s called a carpet sweeper doesn’t mean it won’t work on bare floors. Many models are designed to transition from carpet to floors smoothly. Others will have the option of lowering or raising the floorhead to suit the surface.

If you have hardwood floors, however, you should be cautious. We recommend you test it out in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t scratch.

Is Vacuuming Better Than Sweeping?

Yes, vacuuming is better than sweeping in terms of cleaning power. You shouldn’t purchase a carpet sweeper expecting the same results as a vacuum.

Vacuums are made to suck up dirt, dust, and other debris. You can also find vacuums that are specially made for carpets. These will usually come with beater bars or rollers that dig into thick carpets to loosen the embedded dirt.

However, vacuums can be significantly heavy and noisy, which can be a negative for many. Carpet sweepers, on the other hand, are light and relatively noise-free. Of course, battery-powered sweepers will make some noise, but it’s nothing compared to vacuums.


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